BPS entitlements form the basis of the BPS annual payment, and they can be transferred between farm businesses by inheritance, sale, lease, or gift.

DAERA is now urging farmers and their agents to not miss the deadline and to apply now as transfers made after this date will not take effect until the 2024 BPS scheme year.

To complete Entitlement transfers you need log on to the DAERA website.

Download further information and guidance on entitlements and transfers.

Farm businesses must activate all their entitlements in at least one scheme year over any two-year period, except in cases of force majeure or exceptional circumstance. Any entitlement, or fraction of an entitlement, that remains unused for two consecutive years is at risk of being confiscated from the business.

Further assistance is available via our Advisory Service on 0300 200 7848.

A dedicated team of advisors is available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm to assist you.