Outdoor spring cleaning efforts swept across Fermanagh last week as part of a major “Get A Grip On Litter” scheme.

“To attract attention to the blight that litter brings to our scenic county, a number of schools and youth clubs took part in the ‘National Spring Clean’ Campaign’, according to Mr. Paul Slowey, Fermanagh District Council technical officer.

“Spurred by their concern for their local environment, these schools and clubs felt the need to take positive action and they identified areas in their locality that would benefit from a ‘clean-up’,” he said.

St. Theresa’s and Jones Memorial Primary Schools, who are currently involved in a joint history project on railways, decided to “litter-pick” along the ‘old railway line’ running from Irvinestown Road to Drumclay Link Road. This heavily littered area produced over 20 bags of rubbish.

The pupils of Brookeborough Controlled Primary School selected an area around the local amenity site and the adjacent forest area.

Mr. Slowey explained that in spite of the provision of the amenity site, the pupils discovered frames of chairs, beds and hubs of cars.

Mr. Slowey said that the scenic Muckross Woods were quite heavily littered with a total collection of 20 bags of litter. Kesh Youth Club collected over 20 bags of rubbish on the road to Muckross Beach.

Pictured are children from Jones Memorial Primary School as they took part in the initiative.