Three Fermanagh locals shared an experience that they will remember forever as they attended the Coronation ceremony of King Charles III and Queen Camilla at Westminster Abbey in London on Saturday.

Selwyn Johnston from Enniskillen and Arthur Ovens from Brookeborough, both BEM recipients, and Genevieve Irvine from Enniskillen, who was recognised last year with the Platinum Champions Award, each received exclusive invitations to the official Coronation ceremony.

"You'd never expect to receive an invitation to go to the Coronation," said Selwyn, commenting that it was quite a shock and surprise, yet lovely to be invited.

"I've worked for Action Mental Health for 33 years and I enjoy volunteering in the community so it was lovely to represent the volunteers and charities, of which there are so many, and to know that the most westerly location in the United Kingdom was represented."

Selwyn noted that he and Arthur travelled over together and sat beside each other in Westminster Abbey.

Explaining that there was no reserved seating, Selwyn noted that when he and Arthur took their seats, they were only a row or two behind popular TV presenters Ant and Dec.

"Ant and Dec were brilliant," said Selwyn, who managed to get a selfie with the celebrity duo.

Commenting that there was a "lovely atmosphere" in the Abbey throughout the ceremony, Selwyn added: "The music was most inspirational and awe-inspiring. The sound in the Abbey was heavenly."

Talking about his highlights of the day, he said: "Of course seeing The King and Queen, and being a part of that.

"'Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven', by Henry Francis Lyte, was one of the hymns that was sung and it was lovely," said Selwyn, commenting that they gave it some "extra gusto" given its Fermanagh-Enniskillen connection.

"Then we paid homage and we had to repeat 'God Save The King' and we repeated a line that was prepared for us. It was quite special to be a part of that."

"We had a very enjoyable time," he added.

Speaking to The Impartial Reporter, Arthur, a founding member of Brookeborough Development Association, commented that it was a "privilege" to be invited to the Coronation ceremony.

"It was a lovely weekend and a privilege to get there. It was a very interesting event and a part of life that you don't get to experience too often," he told this newspaper.

When asked about his highlight of the day, Arthur responded: "I don't think there was one particular thing. The overall music and everybody was very friendly. The atmosphere was lovely, and the pomp and ceremony of it all too.

"It's good to have the memories of it. We came home with a lovely programme as well, as a keepsake. It was very interesting and an experience in life you'll never forget," he added.

A new poem was recently released by Poet Laureate Simon Armitage called 'An Unexpected Guest' which follows the story of a woman invited to attend the Coronation. Speaking to this newspaper, Genevieve explained that the poem sums up her experience of attending the special ceremony.

"It just sums it up as an ordinary person, who is helping in their community, how they felt. It was like the poet had got inside my head," she said.

Commenting that it was amazing to be a "part of history", Genevieve shared her highlights of the day: "The pageantry, the service was unbelievable, and the music. It was just so serene and we all felt so special.

"King Charles' words of 'I come not to be served, but to serve' summed it up," she told The Impartial Reporter.