The popular joke at the Dublin Feis Ceoil last week was perpetrated by a little Enniskillen child. The adjudicator had just completed the announcement of his decision, and when the child heard that she had been “highly commended” she turned to her mother and said in an audible voice: “Mammy, what does ‘highly condemned’ mean?”



For two years Bundoran has conducted a severe boycott of Northern Ireland. Now it is beseeching the Customs Authorities to relax the motor restrictions upon crossing the Border and seeking trade with the North. Bundoran cannot blow hot and cold.



There was a dance in Enniskillen last week in aid of a ‘parochial object’. (Some thought the parochial object was the new Parochial Hall.)

It was attended by both sections of the religious community, many Protestants attending to extend sympathy with their Roman Catholic townsmen in the object for which the dance was held.

There was at the dance one gentleman, prominent in the business community of Enniskillen, and he had not been at a dance since pre-war days, and the post-war conditions interested him very much.

He was somewhat shocked at the ‘nakedness’ of many of the girls present, with their nude shoulders, backs, etc., but his greatest curiosity was over the democratic and social character of the gathering.

Fancy, said he, a military officer and three gentlemen in stiff shirts playing cards, and alongside them at a neighbouring card table a newsboy playing cards with another who only recently occupied the dock for a grave offence at the last Assizes!

It was a most enjoyable night, and though many had the option of a permit to go home early, they remained until the singing of Auld Lang Syne when the sun was up.