A man who told the court he was just selling a car for a friend when police pulled it over has been convicted of using a vehicle with no insurance.

On January 14, at around 9.30pm, police received a report of a suspicious vehicle at the Cloy Road, Ederney with four males on board.

Police on mobile patrol detected a Volkswagen Golf at 10pm and stopped it. Checks showed there was no insurance policy or MOT in place.

The car was being driven by a male with Travis McNaul (22), of Cloy Road, Drumsawna More, Ederney in the passenger’s seat.

Police were told the car was being taken for a test drive and the driver was interested in purchasing it.

The vehicle was owned by a third party, with McNaul selling it on his behalf.

McNaul told police during an interview that he had been given permission to sell the car and had been contacted by the driver on Facebook.

He said he had told the driver to only drive the car on his lane, but he had went on to the road, and he was in the car with him because he did not know him.

When asked about the incident in court on Monday, McNaul, who was self-represented, said he was “just selling the car for my friend”.

McNaul was given six penalty points and a £100 fine for having no insurance.