An Enniskillen student played a key role in the delivery of the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool earlier this month.

Molly Rees, 21 was the events concession manager for the host city of Liverpool – taking care of the traders at the international event.

While many people from across Fermanagh, the island and indeed the world enjoyed the Eurovision Song Contest, Molly was working hard in her vital role.

Explaining how she landed the role as part of Eurovision, Molly explained: “I undertook my placement with Culture Liverpool between September and December. After this they asked me if I would like to come back as a casual events assistant, after working some events onsite such as Chinese New Year. They then began asking me to come into the office more, I then was asked if I could do the role as events concessions manager for the host city which included the grand opening ceremony, the Eurovision village and another bank of concessions for foot traffic and commissions."

There was a great deal of job satisfaction for Molly in this role, she enjoyed tasks such as on-site problem solving. She added: “I surprised myself with being confident to take the role into my own, I enjoyed seeing my traders do well and being able to see them all onsite and knowing I had got them there.”

Describing the atmosphere during the song contest, Molly said: “[It was] electric, full of love, safe and unifying.”

Describing the sheer size of the event, Molly said: “It so special to work on a major event that’s capacity is larger than your hometown [Enniskillen] in my first official role. I can’t put into words the feeling of this event. I don’t think the feeling of being involved with this event could ever be replicated."

Discussing her highlight, Molly said: “My favourite day working on the village was the Ukrainian day which displayed Ukrainian artists. The audiences’ vibe was nothing I’ve seen or experienced before, it was unifying and so full of love, dancing and singing.

She concluded: “It was a privilege working with such an amazing, inspirational team who were so supportive, and I learned so much from. I hope we [Liverpool] did Ukraine proud as a city."