A new book chronicling the history of the Fermanagh Civil Rights campaign was launched in Enniskillen recently.

Dermot Maguire's book titled - 'The Fermanagh Civil Rights Campaign' - explores some of the key people within the civil rights movement within the county, the main groupings as well as the context of the time.

Over 80 people were in attendance at Fermanagh House on Thursday, May 11 for the launch of the book which is now on sale in Waterstones, Enniskillen and in various shops around the county.

Author of the book, Dermot was pleased with the turnout for the launch and says interest in the book was increasing.

Former Unity MP for Fermanagh and South Tyrone from 1970-74, Frank McManus, who was Chairman of the Fermanagh Civil Rights Association (FRCA) and also played a part in this book being published was also pleased with the interest at the launch evening.

"We were quite pleased because we didn't extensively advertise it in anyway and it coincided with the canvassing for the election so there was other things on a lot of people's minds who might have otherwise been there.

"But we were very pleased with how it commenced, the place was full."

Mr. McManus said there were a number of family members of those involved in the Civil Rights Campaign who have since passed away alongside those who are still alive.

"Unfortunately an awful lot of the committee have departed this life, to a greater place hopefully, but there were a number of sons and daughters representing their families and that was very pleasing.

"Brendan Corrigan who succeeded Colm Gillespie as Secretary of the FRCA, he's hale and hearty and he was there. Frank Martin was a committee member and he was there, Brid McCusker from Irvinestown she was an early member she was there," added Mr. McManus who said it was wonderful to have these people at the launch.