One of the most picturesque spots in the county has fallen foul to Storm Debi.

The high winds and heavy rain resulted in the widely recognised tree at Rusheen Park in Garrison on the banks of Lough Melvin toppling over.

For many the tree and the park bench beside it have become a go to for people searching for the perfect sunset shot. For others, it is a place of quiet reflection and relaxation.

But after Storm Debi battered Ireland last weekend, the tree lay on its side before being cut, as can be seen from this picture.

Local artist, Michelle Duffy, who has spent hours photographing the tree in all kinds of weather, and provided the pictures of the tree after the storm described her sadness at seeing the tree on its side.

“I am sad today seeing the tree in this state, this place is iconic as the tree and bench have stood strongly through the years,” said Michelle, owner of Camlake Canvas.

“It has been photographed far and wide and as I have seen this morning it has been the focal point of wedding photos and family members no longer with us sitting under the tree watching the world go by.

“The sunsets over Lough Melvin are hard to beat and the tranquility you feel at that place are just perfect. It’s been my go to place for years and I have been lucky to have a large catalogue of photos of this place in every season. And I will now treasure each and everyone.”