Fermanagh Fun Farm has been awarded a £2, 000 grant from the KFC Youth Foundation.

This initiative aims to empower young individuals to reach their full potential.

With this support, Fermanagh Fun Farm plans to assist young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN) in honing their life, social, and employment skills within a practical setting.

Given that farming, tourism, and retail are the primary employment sectors in our local area, this funding will enable us to provide invaluable real-life experiences, enhancing young people's prospects for local employment or skill acquisition.

Typically open to visitors only on weekends and school holidays, Fermanagh Fun Farm recognizes the potential to extend its services to weekdays during term time. However, sustaining operations during weekdays has been challenging due to limited footfall in rural Fermanagh. By introducing this new weekday service, we aim to optimize the utilization of our facilities and further contribute to our local community. As a social enterprise operating on a not-for-profit basis, all proceeds are reinvested into farm projects, animal welfare, maintenance, and facility expansion. Increased community support directly translates into enhanced opportunities for all involved.

Alan Potters, Farm Manager expressed gratitude for the funding, highlighting its pivotal role in launching a new project. He emphasized the farm's commitment to fostering employment opportunities and real-world experiences for the youth in our area.

Fermanagh Fun Farm operates as a social enterprise, overseen by the dedicated volunteers of the "Friends of the Farm" committee. The farm serves as a sanctuary for rescued and adopted animals, with proceeds directed towards their care, farm maintenance, and ongoing development projects