Fermanagh author, and Editor of The Impartial Reporter, Rodney Edwards, is to release a book next year on the Mica Scandal.

In this gripping exposé of one of Ireland’s most profound housing crises, award-winning investigative journalist Mr. Edwards’ book delves into the heart of the Mica controversy, unravelling the intricate web of regulatory oversights and institutional failures that have left thousands of families shattered and homes uninhabitable.

Mr. Edwards explored the scandal as a journalist during his time as a journalist with Dublin's Sunday Independent.

The book has been described as the "definitive story" of the shocking saga that is blighting Donegal, Limerick, Clare, Mayo, Sligo and beyond.

The book will unravel the devastating impact on nearly 7,000 families, costing the Republic’s government more than €3.2 billion in compensation – and counting.

From the initial dismissals of cracks to the escalation of damages and subsequent legal battles, Mr. Edwards provides a compelling narrative that not only sheds light on the human toll of those caught in the crossfire, but also seeks answers from key stakeholders, explores the science and questions where one of the biggest housing issues in a generation leaves the country socially, economically and politically.

Stephen Reid, Publishing Manager at The Lilliput Press, said: "Lilliput Press is extremely proud to be able to work with award-winning journalist Rodney Edwards on bringing this essential and timely story to readers.

“This is not just the story of faulty materials or political intrigue – this is a work of vital investigative journalism that puts the vast human toll of this calamity at the very centre of its concern."

Mr. Edwards said: "I’m very excited about joining The Lilliput Press, one of Ireland’s most prestigious and respected publishing houses.

“We both feel strongly about exploring social injustices and I’m looking forward to having the freedom to investigate one of the biggest housing scandals in Ireland.

“There are thousands of people impacted by defective blocks – and a lack of accountability – and this will be their story."

The book is expected to be released in Spring, 2025, and will be published by The Lilliput Press.