OVER recent weeks and days, the Farrell and Morrow family circles have suffered more than any family should.

At the end of May, they were plunged into devastation following the sudden passing of 12-year-old Charlotte. She was a "happy, gentle and elegant" soul, and her death sent shockwaves across the county.

Then, on Thursday of last week, 12 days after Charlotte’s passing, the family was dealt another blow when Dorothy Morrow, Charlotte’s maternal grandmother passed away at South West Acute Hospital, having suffered a stroke.

Dorothy was a highly respected retired nurse, and a beloved wife, mother, and grandmother.

Recent weeks have been beyond challenging, but an outpouring of support from the local community has helped the family cope.

Dorothy is survived by her husband David, eldest daughter Joanne, son Bryan and daughter Janet.

Sisters, Joanne Farrell and Janet Carr, yesterday paid tribute to the local community who have been with them every step of the way during these dark times.

"While we are heartbroken at the loss of Charlotte and our mum, Dorothy, we take comfort from the fact that they both had faith," said Joanne.

"Charlotte always had a beautiful child-like faith. Mum was a devoted follower of Christ since being diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 36. She was also a committed and active member of Ardess Parish Church.”

Joanne said she misses her late daughter every moment of every day. But she also takes solace in the many good times they shared together, as well as remembering Charlotte’s passion for gymnastics.

"Charlotte was happy, so full of life," she said. "She was gentle, kind, caring. She was elegant, she was graceful. She had a great sense of humour.

"Splitz Gymnastics was her happy place. She excelled there. Even in her short life, she represented Northern Ireland in the British Championships.

"She achieved a lot, and she had the opportunity to do lots of travelling. She loved and saw many big names.

"She had a ball. She loved life."

Equally, Dorothy Morrow made the most of her time on earth. The sisters agree that both their late mum and Charlotte shared the same perfect qualities.

"Both would have always met you with a smile," Janet recounted, "They were both positive and , happy people.

"As a former nurse, mum would have visited many sick people in the community. One of those was my aunt, and Charlotte always came. They both had that intrinsic, caring nature."

Janet added: "Mum and Charlotte were two utterly amazing people. We were honoured and lucky to have them."

Naturally, Dorothy was devastated when her beloved granddaughter, Charlotte, passed away on May 26.

But even in her own grief, she still provided support to the family.

"She was devastated, utterly devastated," Janet said. "Mum and dad are our rock, and when I look back at the week of Charlotte's death, they were there at every turn. It’s still hard to take in.”

However, even with their mother now gone, the family continue to lean on their strong faith in God, which was instilled from a young age.

"We believe that Mum and Charlotte are together, and that gives us a huge amount of comfort," Janet added. 

"A favourite bible verse for both was John 3 v16. We believe that we have not said ‘goodbye’ to Charlotte and Mum – we have said ‘until we meet again.”

In the wake of both Charlotte and Dorothy's passing, the family say they will be eternally grateful for the outpouring of support from the local community.

"At a time of great loss, we have gained such comfort from the outpouring of support from our family, friends, neighbours, local businesses and the local communities," Joanne said.

"From practical support such as providing hot meals to the many expressions of sympathy and assurance that we are being held up in prayer.

"Charlotte and Mum were both known for their kindness and beautiful smiles and as a family, we believe that there will be much positivity to come from this tragedy."

Some of these positives include charity fundraisers that will be held in both Dorothy and Charlotte's memory.

Charlotte’s dad, Roderick, and his friend Sean are completing a fundraiser for Autism NI, while Hydeout Gym in Lisnaskea are organising a charity Hyrox event for Charlottes’ chosen charities.

Tributes have also been paid to the PSNI, the paramedics and staff of Ward 5 at SWAH and Lisnaskea Medical Centre for their professionalism.

Janet said: "Our mum was a nurse for over 40 years and spent part of her life of service working in the Erne Hospital. She would have been delighted with the care she received."

The family admit that following such loss, life will never be the same. The coming weeks, months and years will be testing, but they are taking things “one step at a time".

"We have been writing a list of what we will take away from this experience," Janet concluded. "Firstly, having faith and friendships is extremely important.

"Secondly, if you are thinking of phoning someone, phone them.

“Thirdly, if you are thinking of doing something do it, don't save things for a rainy day.

“Finally, you can never have enough photographs! Live life for today."