A new creative arts project will take place along the Fermanagh and Cavan Border later this month.

'Anything to Declare' is a creative arts project produced and delivered by Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre and will take place between July 25 and 27 July across a range of sites in the village of Swanlinbar.

This inventive, thought-provoking project involves the commissioning of four artists, presenting five unique pieces of work which complement each other.

The artists include composer and musician Rose Connelly from Rosslea; filmmaker Róisín Loughrey, originally from Dublin but now based in Manorhamilton; composer and vocal artist, Andy Garbi, who is from the midlands of England; and choreographer and dancer, Dylan Quinn from Enniskillen.

They will be presenting a two-hour event encouraging audiences to move throughout the village of Swanlinbar and observe a collection of work through a range of artistic mediums.

The Anything to Declare project is being delivered in two sections.

Firstly, a creative artists residency was facilitated by leading Irish choreographer Liz Roche, which took place in Swanlinbar from May 2-5.

The residency, which was undertaken as part of a programme of initial research, involved six dance artists from across Ireland and the UK, four Border-based musicians, choreographer Liz Roche, dance academic Jenny Roche Limerick University and Artistic Director Dylan Quinn.

The second phase of the project involves the exciting commissioning of artists who will be presenting their work in a variety of creative spaces throughout Swanlinbar.

Programme Director, Dylan Quinn said: “Anything to Declare brings highly-acclaimed artists in their respective disciplines together in a rural location to deliver a memorable performance. 

"Their brief is to create space through a range of audio, visual and performing arts disciplines to generate conversation and encourage reflection of this particular place.

“The project encourages reflection on the Border between the North and the South of Ireland.

"The Border, which has defined this island and particularly the borderlands of the island since 1921, continues to be contentious.

"There are those who want it, there are those who don’t, there are those who couldn’t care less, and there are those who have as yet to settle of a defined position.”

He continued: “We are delighted to be bringing Anything to Declare to Swanlinbar.

"It is a special opportunity to bring the performing arts to a rural village. 

"Throughout the performance, we hope the audience explores a conversation about the Border Poll.

"In truth, we don’t know exactly what questions the poll will be answering; however, we know that it would in some way be exploring the option of establishing the reunification of the island of Ireland, from two constitutional states into one.

“The Anything to Declare project is not seeking to make a comment on whether the Border should or should not exist, it does, and as a result there has been a significant impact on the people living on this island, and specifically for those living in the Border hinterland.

“Its presence has directly and indirectly impacted on the opportunities that have and continues to exist for the communities who live either side of it.

"This project could be presented anywhere along the Border in any Border town, North or South."

Over three nights, a unique multidisciplinary performance will take place throughout Swanlinbar.

Audiences will be guided as they move and weave their way through the village on the evenings of July 25, 26 and 27, experiencing a series of creative performances and installations.

The project - which was made possible as a result of funding from the Arts Council/An Chomhairle Ealaíon - will also involve the presentation of a unique artistic piece of work straddling the Border between Cavan and Fermanagh in the weeks leading up to the performances.

Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre is funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland through their annual funding programme.

This event has been made possible through funding from the Arts Council.

Details of tickets, the presentations, the works and how to experience them all will be made available via the Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre website, at www.dylanquinndance.org, in coming weeks.