An American TikToker enjoyed the sights and the sounds of the Twelfth of July in Rossnowlagh, County Donegal which she “mistakenly thought was just an Irish celebration”.

Posting under the username, Lizwizdom, the TikToker posted a video of herself bobbing her head along to music in the car as the parade walked past her with the caption: "When you're just trying to take a shortcut on your Ireland road trip but you end up in the middle of an Irish parade".


Can someone please tell me what kept me stuck here for 45 mins 🇮🇪

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In a separate video, she explained that she did not realise the connotations of the Orange Order.

In her post, she said: “I thought I just stumbled upon a parade out in the Irish countryside. Turns out - major politically divisive situation going on. How was I to know?

In a separate video, the social media user said: "I’d started the morning outside of Sligo viewing the Gleniff Horseshoe which is gorgeous. Ireland is on another level with these mountains and these views.

"But they are also on another level with their narrow roads, so our GPS led us down one and straight into a parade route.”

Explaining how she came across the Rossnowlagh demonstration she added the context that she had originally travelled to Ireland to attend Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour and was exploring the country with her father.

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She said: "There were hundreds of coach buses and absolutely nowhere to go. My dad was not happy that we ended up parked in the middle of the road for 40 minutes.

"I thought well let's just make the best of it and enjoy the parade from the car not knowing what the context was.”

She explained her confusion by stating: "I saw a lot of orange but I just thought you know America has red, white and blue, Ireland has green, white and orange. Turns out there’s a lot more to it than that.”

She quipped: “The Irish Facebook travel groups that I was part of, did not cover this, they did not cover this at all.”