Iggy Azalea has warned fans there will be a “twerkpit” at her forthcoming show and they had better “show us something crazy” if they want to stay in it.

The rapper later clarified that the pit at her gig in Los Angeles will be for “any and all dancing”.

She wrote on Twitter: “So if you come to my show; You’re gonna notice a giant yellow circle on the floor in the middle of GA that says “twerkpit”

“When it’s about that time at the show y’all gotta clear off the circle unless you bout to show us something crazy.”

She added: “It’s up to LA to abandon all their fears about looking foolish and just dance and enjoy it so we can do it at other shows.”

Responding to questions from fans about what moves will be acceptable, she replied: “Really you can dance in it however you want! It’s about having fun, going nuts, not worrying about how you look & getting in the moment.”

She added: “It’s just supposed to be a lil space to dance in for people instead of just getting pushed & crushed for the whole show.”

Azalea will perform at the Fonda Theatre in LA on July 19.

It will be followed by a a two-day pop-up store in the city.

Azalea wrote on Twitter: “Get there early on the 20th cause I’ll be popping up and signing the first 50 customers purchases plus taking pics.”