Julia Bradbury says she will not buy her children plastic toys.

The ex-Countryfile presenter, 48, has a seven-year-old son as well as four-year-old twin girls with her partner Gerard Cunningham.

She told the Daily Mirror: “I haven’t bought my children any plastic toys and yet they have a cupboard full of them.

“I have a friend who kept buying them plastic, and every time I said, ‘Please don’t’.

“The last present was a wooden toy. My little boy has had Lego gifts, but it’s not single use and can last for decades.”

She recently held a plastic-free, children’s birthday party.

“Goody bags were made of recycled Indian newspapers, full of sustainable toys, recyclable plates and cups – no balloons, pizza in cardboard boxes and glass water bottles.

“They don’t need balloons, they don’t notice them,” she said.

Bradbury also said she tries to foster “a healthy attitude towards nudity”, saying of her children, “they see me walking around naked all the time”.