A Government-backed mini-series starring online influencers is seeking to tackle internet copyright issues.

The Get It Right From A Genuine Site campaign has used research and focus groups of 16 to 24-year-olds to target young audiences with a message of legal creativity online.

A new video series supported by ministers will promote content creation and make clear the cost of piracy.

The Creative Content UK (CCUK) drive features YouTube star Caspar Lee and influencer Snoochie Shy on the first video, launched on the campaign’s YouTube platform.

The new video aims to educate people about legal content creation online (CCUK/PA)

It is hoped the content will reach a young audience with a message of fair and safe online creation.

Nigel Adams, minister for sport, media and the creative industries, said: “We need to have the right environment where UK creative firms receive the value of their amazing content so that they can produce more of it.

“Our Creative Industries Sector Deal committed to strengthening intellectual property rights by bringing industry together to tackle online piracy, including through our £2 million investment in the Get It Right campaign.”

The first video featuring Lee, who lost out due to piracy on his film Laid In America, and Shy will be monitored to gauge audience reaction.

Further educational videos will then be commissioned using high-profile influencers.

Lee said: “When we don’t get content the right way, it makes it so much more difficult to make more of it.”

The Get It Right campaign is backed by creative industries.