Viewers were thrilled as Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly discovered a family connection during their investigation into their ancestors.

The presenters have been looking into their roots on And And Dec’s DNA Journey, and in the final instalment on Monday they found out they carry the same unique DNA marker which can be traced back to a Viking warrior.

Fans could barely contain their excitement after the announcement.

“The fact that @antanddec are very distantly related has honestly completed my life oh my god,” said one person on Twitter.

“All is right with the world @antanddec are related,” said another.

“The fact that ant and dec are distantly related is crazy town, but it also shows that soulmates really do exist, platonic or not,” said another fan.

“It’s something truly remarkable.”

One person tweeted: “Knowing that @antanddec are related is actually more important than brexit!!!”

Many viewers said they had predicted the pair were related to each other.

“I knew they’d be related somehow… cousinssss,” posted one happy fan.

“I knew u were related somewhere down the line, just love u both,” said another.