There was an excellent trade at the show and sale of suckled calves together with stores at Friday’s Sale at Fivemiletown Mart.  
W. Hoey, Fivemiletown won the Championship with a Char bull calf £800/280 kg,  Second prize went to P. Drum, Maguiresbridge, for a Char bull calf, £780/380 kg and third prize went to C. Johnston, Fivemiletown, for a Sim £790/360 kg.  
HEIFERS – Reserve Champion overall and first prize went to C. Johnston, Fivemiletown, for a Lim £930/320 kg, second prize to W Hoey, Fivemiletown, £795/300 kg and third prize to G Smiton, Fivemiletown, £740/300 kg. 
Other prices – BULLS/BULLOCK CALVES – P Cullinan, Eskra, Sim £850/320 kg, Char £836/360 kg, £780/300 kg.  J Donnelly, Trillick, Char £840/380 kg, £630/280 kg. G Smiton, Fivemiletown, Char £855/380 kg. Clogher Producer Char £815/300 kg, £750/300 kg, £710/260 kg. K Jackson, Cooneen, Sim £690/300 kg, £640/300 kg, £625/320 kg. S Smyton, Tempo, Lim £750/380 kg.  
HEIFER CALVES - F Moane, Cooneen, Lim £680/300 kg. M Flannigan, Rosslea, Lim £660/300 kg.   
BULLOCKS – J McMahon, Brookeborough, AA £1130/620 kg, Char £945/550 kg, £895/500 kg, £900/480 kg. L McCarney,  Seskinore, Char £815/440 kg. B Owens, Tempo,Lim £840/470 kg, £745/390 kg.  
HEIFERS – J Callaghan, Tempo, BB £855/500 kg. P Wray, Brookeborough, Char £915/470 kg, £750/460 kg. R J Johnston, Cooneen, Lim £780/420 kg, £730/ 420 kg, £730/350 kg. R Hogg, Fivemiletown, Her £765/490 kg, £730/460 kg.  
SUCKLER COWS - B Primrose, Fivemiletown, £1370 for a ’10 Cow with Bull Calf. H McCormick, Dromore, £1100 for a ’13 Cow. T Hazlett, Letterbreen, £1100 for a ’13 Cow.