An entry of 900 cattle sold well at Thursday's cattle sales. Bullocks sold to £2110 for a 732kg CH , £2080 for a 696kg BB, £1980 for a 682kg AA. Caledon producer 566kg CH @1630, 620kg LIM @1710,

Enniskillen producer 608kg HER @1520, 562kg HER @1480, Roscor producer 392kg CH @1150, 422kg CH @1310, 514kg CH @1670, Derrylester producer 740kg SIM @1870, 560kg CH @1700,

Kesh producer 410kg LIM @1310, 396kg LIM @1100, Trillick producer 682kg AA @1980, 704kg AA @1980, 702kg LIM @2080, 648kg LIM @1940, Derrylin producer 510kg CH @1590, 502kg CH @1490, 504kg CH @1410, Lisbellaw producer 594kg AA @1440, 536kg AA @1320, 368kg CH @1050, Castlederg producer 544kg HER @1410, 532kg HER @1390, 480kg HER @1290, 542kg HER @1520.

WEANLINGS - In the weanling ring bullocks sold from 800 to 1520 for a CH 490kg , heifers sold from 700 to 1250 for a CH 327kg. Drumquin producer 490kg CH bull @1520, 320kg AA bull @1060,

Irvinestown producer 327kg CH hfr @1250, 264kg DAQ steer @910, 312kg CH steer @1030, Enniskillen producer 426kg CH steer @1390, 396kg CH hfr @1270, 377kg CH hfr @1200, 329kg CH steer @1130, 418kg SIM @1180, Derrylin producer CH steer @940, 329kg CH steer @880, 273kg CH steer @890, 300kg CH steer @940, 321k CH steer @990, Brookeborough producer 274kg CH steer @980, 320kg LIM steer @1020, 303kg LIM steer @1000. Boho producer 325kg LIM bull @1060, 346kg CH hfr @1060, 335kg CH steer @1010, Tempo producer 320kg LIM steer @1060, 326kg IM steer @1010, 287kg LIM steer @970, B’mallard producer 330kg CH steer @1240, 272kg CH hfr @910, 261kg CH steer @980, 315kg LIM bull @1180.

CALVES - Beef bred bull calves sold from £250 to £410 for a BB and hfr calves to £365 for a LIM.

SUCKLER COWS - Suckler cows sold to a top price of £2500 for a LIM cow with her CH bull calf at foot.

HEIFERS - Beef lots sold to 307ppk paid for a 612kg CH @1880, Mediumweights from 270-302ppk for a 500kg CH @1510 Lightweights sold to 316ppk for a 458kg CH @1450. Lisbellaw producer CH 654kg @1900, CH 610kg @1880, CH 620kg @1850, Derrygonnelly producer CH 580kg @1800, CH 550kg @1690, CH 500kg @1510, Macken producer CH 518kg @1630, Church Hill producer CH 534kg @1660, CH 530kg @1600; B’allard producer CH 520kg @1560, CH 500kg @1490, CH 500kg @1480

FAT COWS - Fat cows sold to a top of £2120 for a LIM cow @286ppk, Fat bulls sold to £1920 for a SHB bull @234ppk


Another good entry of 976 Cattle presented for sale at Clogher Mart on Saturday produced a very strong demand for quality lots in all sections. Records were broken this week again in the Store Bullock Ring with a 935kg Lim. selling to a new high of £2940 (£314 per 100kg) also an outstanding heifer with heifer calf sold to a high of £3000 in the suckler ring.

STORE BULLOCKS (132 lots) - Demand remains very firm in this section with heavy steers selling to a new high of £2940 for a 935kg Lim. (£314 per 100kg) with other quality lots selling from £267 to £306 per 100kg for a 650kg Lim. to £1990. Forward lots sold to £1690 for a 580kg Ch. (£291) and selling to a high of £309 per 100kg for a 540kg Ch. to £1670. Fermanagh Producer 935kg Lim. to £2940 (£314)P McCaffery Tempo 555kg Ch. to £1580 (£284); J Bleakley Newtownbutler 485kg Her. to £1130 (£233) and 465kg Her. to £1130 (£243)

STORE HEIFERS (150 lots) - A good entry this week sold to a brisk demand with heavy heifers selling to £2000 for a 705kg Ch. (£283) selling to £295 per 100kg for a 610kg Lim. to £1800 other quality lots sold from £254 to £289 per 100kg Forward lots sold to £1760 for a 540kg Lim. (£326) with others selling to £316 per 100kg for a 535kg Lim. to £1690. Wm G Hoey Fivemiletown 705kg Ch. to £2000 (£283) 670kg Ch. to £1890 (£282) and 650kg Ch. to £1880 (£289) J T E & Zara Gauley Tempo 685kg Lim. to £1770 (£258) G McCauley Garvary 685kg Ch. to £1740 (£254) F O Kane Omagh 615kg Ch. to £1720 (£279) F Flynn Newtownbutler 610kg Ch. to £1700 (£278) and 610kg Ch. to £1680 (£275) I S Farrell Fivemiletown 610kg Ch. to £1680 (£275).

SMALLER SORTS 400KG & UNDER - J T E & Zara Gauley Tempo 400kg Sim. to £1450. M Carr Newry 400kg Ch. to £1180. E McCaffery Tempo 395kg AA. to £1150. V McCrystal Ballygawley 380kg Lim. to £1120, 385kg Ch. to £1120, 355kg Ch. to £1100, 395kg Lim. to £1070, 385kg Ch. to £1070, and 360kg Lim. to £890. M Connelly Rosslea 400kg Ch. to £1100. Derrylin Producer 390kg Daq. to £1010.

WEANLINGS (170 lots) -A good selection on offer this week sold to a steady demand with strong males selling to £1570 for a 535kg Lim. (£293) Med weights sold to £330 per 100kg for a 415kg Daq. to £1370 with Smaller ones selling to a high of £375 per 100kg for a 320kg Lim. to £1200 and a 360kg Ch. to £1300 (£361).

WEANLING STEERS & BULLS - M Monaghan Augher 535kg Lim. to £1570 (£293) Johnston Farms Clogher 415kg Daq. to £1370 (£330) C V Wilson Derrylin 430kg Ch. to £1370 (£326) 380kg Ch. to £1310 (£344) 420kg Lim. to £1220 (£290) and 445kg Lim. to £1210 (£272) B Pryce Rosslea 320kg Lim. to £1200 (£375)

WEANLING HEIFERS - M Boyle Fivemiletown 305kg Lim. to £910 (£298) J F McKenna Augher 340kg Lim. to £900. T McKeaney Garrison 295kg Ch. to £890 (£301) and 310kg Ch. to £890 (£287)

DAIRY COWS & HEIFERS - A much larger entry this week sold to a steady demand with quality lots in short supply however a Dungannon Producer sold Calved Heifers to £1780 and £1700. Fermanagh Producer £1660 and £1400 for Calved Heifers.

SUCKLER COWS & CALVES - A full house this week sold easily to a strong demand with a Fintona producer selling two top quality outfits to make £3000 for Heifer with Heifer Calf and a Heifer with Bull Calf to £2650. Castlederg Producer £1990 for Heifer with Bull Calf. and £1560 for 2019 Cow with Heifer Calf.

DROPPED CALVES and REARED LUMPS - A very sharp demand in this section with Bull Calves (under six weeks) selling to £505 for a Ch. to K Moore Augher. G Foster Kinawley £495 and £475 for Her. G McCaughey Clogher £490 and £370 for Simms.

HEIFER CALVES - K Moore Augher £450 for AA. £420 for Lim.and £335 for AA.

REARED MALE LUMPS - P J Gilleese Kinawley £1070 for Lim. S Quinn Dungannon £850 for Lim. M Rafferty Armagh £790 twice for AAs. F Curry Keady £690 x 2 £685, and £670 x 2 for AAs. J Burke Derrylin £645 for Ch. S Cox Kinawley £640 and £550 for Chars.

REARED FEMALE LUMPS - O Murray Fintona £750 x 2 and £650 x 2 for Limms.