MUCH sadness has been expressed following the death of Johnston Erwin on February 6, 2017 at South West Acute Hospital. 

Johnston came from Ahoghill, Co. Antrim and moved to Enniskillen in 1953 to join the RUC. He remained in service for 35 years and retired in 1986.

His police career brought him to the towns of Belcoo, Downpatrick, Magherafelt and Belfast and then back to Enniskillen. He was promoted to Sergeant in 1964 in Belfast and then became Inspector in the Training Centre in Enniskillen in 1977. 

On June 11, 1958 he married Anna Irvine and so began their life time partnership together, moving around with his postings and living in those towns in which he served, finally settling and remaining in Fermanagh. They had two children Jill (Steve) and Jane (Evart) and seven grandchildren – Rebecca, Hannah, Daniel, Adam, Matthew, Joshua and Jacob. 

Johnston had a love of singing – not only in the church choir, but also at weddings and funerals. He was a member of the Police Choir and of the U3A Choir.

Johnston enjoyed attending Rossorry Wednesday Club, a group for older people, for which Johnston was the treasurer for 15 years. He was the person Ethel Oldcroft, leader of the group, called her ‘rock’ – the one she could always turn to for support and advice. 

Johnston also contributed to wider community life with his work for Fermanagh Show, where he was show secretary from 1992 - 1997. 

A largely attended funeral service was conducted by Canon Ian Ellis, assisted by Archdeacon Cecil Pringle, Dean Arthur Barrett and Father Brian D’Arcy, family friends. The RUC George Cross Fermanagh branch formed a guard of honour going into the church and at the graveside. Rossorry Choir formed a guard of honour going out of the church. 

Johnston was a true and loyal gentleman and will be sadly missed by Anna and her family. 

The funeral arrangements were carried out by Austen Stinson, W.T. Morrison Funeral Directors, Enniskillen.