Dear Madam,- I am delighted that the sustained pressure brought to bare on Education Minister, John ODowd has resulted in a significant U-turn in the reversal of massive cuts to the Early Years Fund which would have seen devastating cuts to our local playgroups and children’s services in the county.

I have consistently supported this funding and was horrified at the Sinn Fein Minister`s decision to cut financial support and so leading to the potential closure of children`s playgroups, potentially leaving these services having to cut staffing, reduce hours and increase fundraising efforts in already difficult times for many people.

The decision to re-invest will go a significant way in supporting our young people, investing in mental and emotional wellbeing and providing valued services in personal development strategies.

This should have never happened in the first place and I only hope that increased funding will be maintained in the coming days ahead.

Yours faithfully, Councillor Raymond Farrell Erne North.