Dear Madam - Once again I have come across the disheartening sight of a red squirrel killed by motor vehicle traffic on the Glenasheevar Road.

The number of red squirrels and other mammals killed on the roads of the county in the course of a week must be quite a sum.

On a recent journey I came across a badger, a fox, a hedgehog and a hare killed by motor traffic. When cycling I frequently find dead birds and frogs.

Experience suggests that most road kills could be avoided if drivers were mindful than nonhuman beings also use our roads and drove with a readiness to allow them time to find safety.

The red squirrel is an endangered species. If it were the orang-utang - another endangered red mammal - getting killed on such a regular basis I expect the community would demand that protective measures be taken.

It is in the remit of Fermanagh and Omagh District Council to protect not only red squirrels but all the nonhuman creatures who share the same space as us.

This could be effectively done with the prudent use of existing resources and would chime with the signage that welcomes people to County Fermanagh.

It would also be in line with the views on our responsibility of care for nonhuman nature expressed by Pope Francis in his encyclical Laudaro Si: Our Care for Our Common Home.

Yours faithfully, Laurence Speight Glenasheevar Road, Derrygonnelly