Dear Madam - My small holding of 12 acres attracts a very small single farm payment which used to amount to about £379.

I do consider myself an active farmer because I am involved in improving the land, fencing, gates, rush control, drainage etc.

Now Agriculture Minister O’Neill wants me to submit my receipts to prove this.

Not a problem because I have these but the brilliant bureaucrats in Derry also stipulate that the accounts must be signed by a registered accountant who will charge me £200 for the service.

This will cut my subsidy by half which means this is simply a punitive measure to try and force small farmers out of the system.

I note the Minister of Agriculture is a member of Sinn Fein who make great play of supporting the most vulnerable in our society - well I would inform the minister that I am a vulnerable farmer who is about to become more so because of her actions.

I think I will have to write to the European Bureaucrats to get justice and civil rights for myself and others like me.

Yours Sincerely Cathal Bui