DEAR MADAM - You probably wouldn’t remember me, but about the early 80s I wrote to you regarding your newspaper and our family.

My husband Reg and I were starting up a newspaper in Byron Bay. He had been a printer in the local butter factory for years. I was Jean Trimble and had learnt that the Impartial Reporter and Farmers’ Journal had been in the Trimble family for five generations (I think).

You were able to help me and sent a few copies of pages from the book regarding our family.

My daughter Susan is at this time on a “walking holiday” around Ireland. She may pop in to see you - in her last emails they were down in south-west Ireland.

Our paper is still being printed, but we of course have retired. Our son took over, then sold. Reg and I moved up here to Queensland. Reg died about five years ago and I have now moved into a two-bedroomed unit.

Every Sunday morning I watch “Songs of Praise” on ABC TV. Yesterday the service was from the Church of Ireland in Enniskillen. Unfortunately a visitor had called and when they left there was only about 10 minutes left of the service - I was so upset to have missed it - and of course didn’t have it recorded. It was taken in 2013 and in the credits at the end I saw a Ruth (?) Trimble. So not sure if she sang or danced (as there was a short dance).

I rang ABC today to see if I could get a copy of the programme - but no! Anyhow, I’m wondering if perhaps you or family were in the service. I am so sorry I missed most of it. I just felt drawn to dropping you a line. I do hope Susan manages to call in.

Yours faithfully, JEAN WRIGHT