Some of the county’s leading musicians and artistes have begun their careers by participating in the Fermanagh Feis and over the organisation’s half century and more in existence, has given a platform for tens of thousands of yong people on the stage.

But unfortunately, that may sadly come to an end because of problems recruiting personnel.

The Feis has lost some of its highly regarded secretaries who have remained with it for many years but getting replacements is becoming a major problem.

It was a rather sombre annual general meeting of the Feis last week as no new volunteers came forward.

It’s a very disappointing situation as volunteering is strong throughout the community.

The Feis is by far, Fermanagh’s largest arts and culture event, taking place in the springtime each year.

It’s not just for a chosen view budding musicians and artistes. Each year more than 3,000 competitors took part in the various sections including traditional and classicial music, verse speaking, and art. It took considerable organisation but used a model which was well honed through the years and worked in conjunction with local schools.

Because of the size of the event, planning begins in the previous September and unless a number of volunteers come forward quickly, Fermanagh will lose its best showcase for young talent.

It’s sad not only for the many young competitiors whose enthusiasm and passion for taking part is not in question, but the many volunteers who have served over the years, who have “done their bit” for the community.

But as most people realise, everyone needs a break and there was a need to fill some important positions.

The people of this county are exceptionally generous with their time when it comes to volunteering. But the Fermanagh Feis is one organisation which needs some help very soon if they are to launch their 2016 programme.