DEAR MADAM - The relentless negativity of TUV's unelected spokesman, Alex Elliott, is quite something to behold.

A number of weeks ago he wrote to this newspaper criticising the lack of jobs created in Fermanagh. On the very same day 800 jobs were announced for our local area!

While most reasonable people would see this as hugely positive, in the world of Alex Elliott and TUV it is clear they now want to denigrate those jobs as 'low skilled and low paid.' What an insult to the people who await these jobs opportunities as a way to earn a livelihood, to put food on the table and provide for their families. While the salary for these jobs paid may not be anything in the same league as the generous incomes earned in such occupations as a barrister for example, or indeed a QC like Jim Allister, it is still a good honest wage for an honest day's work. Shame on TUV for denigrating such jobs and those who fulfil these roles.

But the tale of woe being put forward by TUV doesn't stop as rubbishing the jobs. In the world of Alex Elliott and TUV, most of the jobs won't go to Fermanagh people anyway. What a ludicrous thing to say! What is the evidence for such a claim? Indeed, in light of the law of the land, how would Alex Elliott ensure that any job in any location is guaranteed to a local? He does himself no favours in making such a foolish statement.

The reality is that while most of our politicians are working to make Northern Ireland a better place, Alex Elliott and the doom merchants in TUV just want to talk everything down. While successive DUP Enterprise Ministers, alongside Invest NI, have delivered thousands of jobs for Northern Ireland, like Frazer in Dad's Army, Alex Elliott shouts from the sidelines 'We're doomed' whilst delivering absolutely nothing.

It really would serve the community better if Alex Elliott and his party would put their shoulder to the wheel with the rest of us in making Northern Ireland a better place for everyone. The sad reality is though that they are never happier than when they are complaining. That's not leadership, that's cowardice.

Yours sincerely,


DUP Councillor for Enniskillen