Dear Madam,

The Aisling Centre celebrates its 25th birthday with a party in the Enniskillen Hotel on December 2nd. It is a party for all of you who in any way shared the Aisling journey. Each one of you in your own unique way has enriched the Aisling story as we walked together to promote hope, healing and growth. So if you ever crossed the door of the Aisling Centre or supported us in any way feel free to drop in and help us celebrate this important milestone. We would love to issue a personal invitation to each one of you but because of your numbers that is just impossible so please accept this heartfelt general invitation. Come along, meet old friends and enjoy the chat.

It is a great joy for me to be part of Aisling’s 25th birthday party. I look forward to meeting up with all those who shared those early days when we survived on a wing and a prayer. You helped build a strong foundation on which the centre has been able to grow beyond our wildest dreams. Today the centre is bigger, more professional and so many of you contributed to this growth and development, but most importantly, the heartbeat of the Aisling Centre remains the same…the open door, the warm welcome, the deep respect for each person who crosses the threshold, and the continued pursuit of hope, healing and growth. I think too of those who were part of our journey and are sadly no longer with us, especially the members of the Rainbow Club who added so much laughter and life to the centre. Let us make it a great party….we have much to celebrate and many memories to share and I would love to see you there.


Sr Edel Bannon

Director and Founding member