Section B Newtownbutler has clocked up their third home win of the season, this time against Kilskerry. Kilskeery’s J Beatty beat I Jordan’s rink 5–2 in the first set of games with L Annon winning his game 6–2 against J Crozier and S Hall winning his game 5–1 against D Wilson for the home side. During the next set of games L Annon lost against D Wilson 4–2 and I Jordan won his game 6–3 against J Crozier and S Hall’s rink won their game, beating J Beatty 9–2 for Newtown.

In the remaining set of games the visitors secured five of the six points with D Wilson beating I Jordan 4–2, J Crozier winning 5–4 in a closely fought game and J Beatty drawing 3–3 with L Annon.

At the final summing up, the home side gained the extra two points to win 11–9.

Clabby travelled a few miles down the road to play their neighbours Tempo. They were only able to pick up five points from this meeting. In the first set of games Dick Browne of Clabby was the only rink to win his game 4–2 against M Livingstone in the other two games K McGowan won his game 6–3 against N Browne and S Cochrane beat A Browne 4–3. During the next set Tempo continued to dominate the games with M Livingstone winning 6–5 against A Browne, K McGowan beating D Browne 9–1 and for Clabby, N Browne beat S Cochrane 5–3.

With all to play for in the last set K McGowan clocked up his third win of the night this time against A Browne 8–2, S Cochrane had a mighty win against D Browne 13–2 and M Livingstone drew his game 4 4 against N Browne.

The home side secured the final two points to win 15–5 overall.

Newtownbutler 11 Kilskeery 9 Tempo 15 Clabby 5 Section C Clogh are flying through their fixture list with this their sixth game of the season as they welcomed Trory to their hall. The visitors managed to win one game in the first set with J McQuaid beating E Forster 8–4 while the other two games were won by W Nelson beating T Neely 7–2 and J Egerton beating L Coulter 6–3. In the next set of games, J Egerton beat J McQuaid 7– , W Nelson won his game 4–3 against L Coulter and E Forster lost her game 4–2 against T Neely.

With three games remaining Trory were only able to secure one more win this time L Coulter beat E Forster 8–1, J Egerton won his third game 5–2 against T Neely and W Nelson’s rink secured their third win 6–5 against J McQuaid for Clogh.

The home side secured the final two points to win 14–6 overall.

Clogh 14 Trory 6 Section D Derrygonnelly has got under way this season by drawing their first game 10–10 against visitors St. John’s.

In the first set it was the visitors who got of to a good start with S Atwell beating R Ferguson 8–3 and B Dunlop winning his game 6–4 against B Hassard but P Elliott kept the home side in it with a win over J Burrell 6–1. During the next set Derrygonnelly had now settled down and it was their turn to up the stakes with B Hassard beating S Atwell 5–2, R Ferguson winning 8–2 against J Burrell but B Dunlop’s rink were not giving up without a fight, they won their game 6–4 against P Elliott.

With three games remaining to be played for the overall scoreline at this stage was six points each.

St. John’s got of to a prefect start with J Burrell recording his first win of the match against B Hassard 7–2 and S Atwell won his game 9–2 against P Elliott with R Ferguson of Derrygonnelly beating B Dunlop 9–1 to keep the hopes of the home side alive.

With the final two points up for grabs all eyes were glued to the scoreboard, the total shots was Derrygonnelly 43 St. John’s 42, the home side just did enough to get the final two points to draw the overall match.

Derrygonnelly 10 St. John’s 10