Nail biting, exciting, on the edge of your seats these are just a few of the adjectives that would have describe the Western Interzone Ladies match against Monaghan Ladies Zone team played in Ardaghey Community Hall on Saturday.

On mat 1, the rink of Clare Brogan lead, Catherine Scott second, Naomi Hassard third and Jean Parkinson skip found themselves three shots down after two ends played but by the sixth end they were leading 5–3. In the seventh end, the rink skipped by A Rutledge got two shots to level the game at five apiece. In the eighth end, Western pick up two shots but then lost five shots in the ninth end, this left them 7–10 down going into the last end. Jean’s rink secured a vital three shots to draw the game 10–10.

On mat 2, Caroline Scott’s rink of Sarah MaVitty in lead, Rita Cranston second and Rose Donnelly third were level at one shot each after two ends played, by the fourth end they were 4–2 in front and after eight ends played they were coasting at 9–3 up. However, they were then to lose a single shot in the ninth end and seven shots in the last end to lose their game 9–11 to a rink skipped by M McAdoo. The rink skipped by Ellen Brogan, with Laura Lunny leading, Gladys Dunlop second and Winnie Graydon third were 4–1 up after three ends played against the rink skipped by B Cumiskey. After six ends they were still leading 5–3 and during the next two ends both rinks picked up two shots each to leave Ellen’s rink still in front 7–5. But, after the final two ends had been played the Western rink had lost their game 7–8.

The scoreline at the halfway stage was Western 26 Monaghan 29.

Starting on mat 1 was the rink of Frances Cartwright leading, Lisa MaVitty second, Tanya Armstrong third and Esther Forster skip playing against the rink skipped by B Stewart. After five ends had been played the Western Ladies were leading 6–0 and in the sixth end they dropped three shots but secured seven shots over the next two ends to lead 13–3. B Stewart’s rink got two shots in the ninth end and Esther’s rink secured a single in the last end to win 14–5.

Mat 2 saw Margaret Nelson leading, Ethna Maguire second, Patricia Bradshaw third and Janet Brown skip playing against a rink skipped by C McKenna. After three ends played the game was level at three shots apiece, over the next three ends Janet’s rink was 3–10 down but after the last four ends had been played the Western Ladies had picked up a total of nine shots to run out winners 12–10 in this game.

On mat 3 Jean Carson’s rink of Hannah Ferguson leading, Patricia Moohan second and Carmel McGovern third were level at three apiece after two ends played. During the course of the next four ends played the Western Ladies were trailing by 7–9, they then dropped two shots in the seventh end and gained a single shot in the eighth end but the ninth end was declared a no score and in the last end the Monaghan rink skipped by L Carleton secured a single to win the game 8–13.

There was much hugging and cheering by the Western Ladies and their supporters at the end of the game when they won 60–57.

Western Ladies now play Donegal Ladies Zone team in the semi final stages on January 31. The last time the Western Ladies reached the semi final stages of the McIlroy Cup was in January 2008 and then went on to lift the cup in the final.