A superb display of outstanding bowls from the Western Men’s Interzone team against South Tyrone Men’s team on Saturday past has delivered them into their eighth final of the Boomer Cup.

Western will now play Oriel Zone in the final on Saturday February 28 in Ballybrakes Stadium, Ballymoney. The last time that these two zones met was last season when Oriel Zone put the Western men out at the semi final stages.

During the first half on mat one, the rink skipped by Jude Morris, with Ronnie Stubbs third, David Dickson second and James McCaffrey lead got off to a good start when they found themselves 7–0 after four ends played. Over the next three ends they were leading 8–3 and over the last three ends the Western rink picked up two threes and a single to run out 15-3 winners.

On mat two the rink of W Stevenson lead, Johnny Breadon second, Gary Brian third and Gary McNabb skip were three shots down after the first end but over the course of the next four ends they took the lead at 6–3. In the sixth end the south Tyrone rink got a single and from then on it was the Western men who lead the way by gaining six shots to win 12–4. Finally, on mat three, Alan Browne lead, Trevor Morrison second, Niall Cox third and Karol Bradshaw skip were level at two shots each after two ends played over the following two ends Karol’s rink picked up a five and a single shot to go in front 8–2. The Tyrone rink secured a single in the fifth end to leave the score at 8–3 and over the final five ends the Western side secured eight shots to win their game 16–3.

The scoreline at the halfway stage was Western 43 South Tyrone 10.

At the start of the second half the rink skipped by Ally Graham with Roly Nixon lead, Norman Noble second, Ian McElroy third were 2–1 up after three ends played. They then got four shots over the next two ends with the Tyrone rink getting a single in the sixth end and over the next two ends Ally’s rink gained another four shots to lead 10–2. At this stage in the match the games came to an end across the three mats.

On mat two Derek Gilliland lead, William Harpur second, Ross Armstrong third and Davy Graham skip were leading 4–1 after three ends played and their opponents had burned two ends in a row. In the fourth end the Tyrone rink gained a single and over the next three ends Davy’s rink had picked two singles and a four to lead 10–2. In the eighth end a single shot went to the Tyrone rink when the match came to an end with the score at 10–3 in Davy’s favour.

On mat three the rink of David Ferguson lead, Daniel Wilson second, Michael McGrade third and Gary Burke skip dropped a single in the first end but after that Gary’s rink never looked back with theM gaining two two’s, a single and a five over the next four ends before their opposition got a two and two single shots over the next three ends and finally in the ninth end the Western rink got a single to lead 11–5 before the match was brought to a conclusion overall.

J Morris 15 T Wallace 3 G McNabb 12 E Hamilton 4 K Bradshaw 16 D Campbell 3 A Graham 10 J Carson 2 D Graham 10 I Hobson 3 G Burke 11 H McIvor 5 Final score was Western 74 South Tyrone 20.