The Gaby Gault Rinks Tournament ran very successfully this year again with the final eight rinks playing off in the Unionist Hall, Enniskillen. 
Stuart Cochrane beat Tony Moohan 10 shots to 2, David Dickson had a tight encounter against Blayney Cartwright with Blayney coming out victorious after a tie end winning 8 shots to 7. 
David Graham had a comfortable win over William Harpur finishing 13 shots to 3 and Paul Wilson beat Keith McGowan 10 shots to 8. 
In the semi-final Stuart Cochrane’s team continued their winning form beating Blayney Cartwright’s rink 16 shots to 6 whileDavid Graham finished well winning five shots in the last three ends to beat Paul Wilson’s rink 12 shots to 6. 
The final was also very close with the Wellington rink starting off with a single shot and the Tempo rink replying with a single in the next end. Remaining close after five ends it was 4-1 in favour of Graham’s rink. With Cochrane’s rink picking up a single shot in the sixth end it was Graham’s rink who came out victorious winning the last two ends to win by 9 shots to 2 with the last end not needing to be played. The prizes were then presented by the secretary.