In his report to Covention, Competition Control Committee Chairman, Phil Flanagan has apologised for their failings on the Division One final which was never played.

Derrygonnelly and Ederney had qualified for the final but Derrygonnelly had sought a postponement of the game as they were due to play Scotstown in the Ulster Club Championship seven days after the final was scheduled.

"The biggest frustration with the calendar in 2018 was with the fact that the Senior Football League Division One final was not played as scheduled on Sunday October 14.

"The weekend for this game was confirmed on March 6. The actual date and time was set on September 20," said Flanagan.

Flanagan explained that Derrygonnelly sought to move the game but that Ederney were unable to accept the dates suggested which left the game fixed for the original date.

"Unfortunately, Derrygonnelly sent word to CCC on Friday October 12 that they wouldn't be travelling for the league final which left us with no alternative but to postpone the game and explore all options open to us.

"This included discussions with representatives from both club committees on a way forward and seeking an agreed date to play this game. However, agreement could not be reached between both clubs.

"I want to take this opportunity to apologise for our failings on this matter. We could have done things differently to avoid this situation, but hindsight is a great thing."

He does though feel that the masterplan as a whole was a success over the year.

"On March 6, CCC published a masterplan for slots of fixtures for the year and there was minimal deviation from this," he stated.

However, he warns that their ability to schedule fixtures in the future could be impacted by decisions taken at various levels with the association.

"The introduction of an Inter County U20 Development League in the summer time, the consideration being given to the introduction of a Second Tier competition and the number of underage Academy commitments, as well as the current senior Inter County calendar are all placing unsustainable pressures on the club fixtures, so much so that in a recent Central Competitions Control Committee document on the timing of an U20 competition suggested that there 'little club activity' in June and early July.

"If an U20 development league and championship are organised in tandem with senior Inter County matches, I see no way in which club football can continue to be played in Fermanagh at that time, which would pose a serious scheduling problem."

Flanagan has though urged clubs to identify individuals to serve on CCC as he stresses that they cannot continue with such small numbers.

"We cannot continue to operate with a skeleton membership of this committee and urgent action needs to be taken to address this. I would encourage clubs to identify individuals with the necessary skills for serving on a committee such as CCC," he said.