Winning in sport is what it’s all about. If your are competitive, then you want to win.

It makes the hard yards it took to get there that much more bearable.

But when there is a family member beside you when winning, it makes it so much better.

On March 18, Enniskillen brothers Brandon and Josh Horan will hope they get to experience that winning feeling together as part of the St. Michael’s MacRory Cup team that will face Omagh CBS in this year’s decider.

Brandon will lead the team out on the day, while Josh will be part of the St. Michael’s defence hoping to keep Omagh out.

“It’s a great team we have here and to be sharing this journey with a brother is great. We know each others strengths and weaknesses and we play well together,” explained captain Brandon.

The two brothers push each other on, and as they put together the final pieces in the build-up to the final, the processes and preparations remain the same from the training sessions to the chats before the game.

“We would talk about the preparation before the match and what we are going to do during the game. We will talk about that in the days leading up to the game; hopefully we will do ourselves justice on the day,” said Josh.

“It is definitely a competitive household to try and be the best. In training we push each other on the whole time and I suppose when you have a brother you give that bit extra and it is always a positive, never a negative,” said Brandon.

And the two boys, with the rest of the St. Michael’s squad are right a few wrongs from the last encounter between the sides.

In the McCormack Cup semi final in January, Omagh bagged five goals against the Enniskillen side to claim that piece of silverware. On Monday, they are hoping for a vast improvement.

“We obviously respect Omagh but we are focussing on our own games and how to improve,” said Josh.

The school is buzzing, in the build-up and it’s clear how important the support of all these people means to the squad. And that could be seen in the semi-final, when St. Michael’s trailed by four points which Brandon says helped with his side’s revival.

“The crowd are the 16th man. We seen in the semi-final they really pushed us on. It’s great to see family there and players from different clubs coming together to support the team. It’s great for the community and school.”

“There will be a big turnout from the whole school and they will definitely push us on,” added Josh.

And Josh is hoping that St. Michael’s can learn from that comeback.

“Every team would have their down moments in the game but it is those down moments where you take a look at yourself and try and improve. We did that in the semi-final and hopefully we will bring that through to the final.”

We’ll see on Monday if they have.