Brendan Devenney enjoyed it when Fermanagh and Donegal faced each other in the Ulster Championship during his playing days.

The former Donegal forward loved the tough games when both teams went all out to win, leaving everything on the pitch.

However he feels that the tactic of getting men behind the ball employed by this current Fermanagh side will see something of a repeat of the 2018 Ulster Final in which his home county ran out comfortable winners.

“I think what is going happen is just going to be like the Ulster Final,” explained Devenney.

“I’ve obviously been a great admirer of Fermanagh and we have had some great ding dong battles with them. And that what’s they were, ding doing battles, they were Ulster, they were tough but both teams tried to win it.

“For me I think that the tactic being adopted there is out of date because it might win games in the league against certain teams in certain ways but when you are in the championship and the other team is ready for you, I think the tactic is going to come up short.”

Devenney takes nothing away from Fermanagh’s season so far when they were a game away from being promoted to Division One and says they are not the only team that employ those tactics and will come up short.

“I think with that tactic, once teams are set up in the summer it is not going to get you far enough and you might say if Donegal, like the Ulster Final, match up, then it is down to whoever has the better forwards and that’s going be Donegal and they are going to outscore Fermanagh.

“Fair enough Fermanagh at home, it’s going to tip a couple of points but still and all the firepower lies with Donegal.”

This Donegal side took its time to get into the groove of things in Division Two this year according to Devenney and he believes this squad has the ability to play a variety of ways and he thinks Bonner has done a fine job since taking over the reins.

“I think Donegal can change and they have shown that ability to change. They have racked up high scores, they can pretty much do everything. I tip my hat to Bonner because last year, when he came in, it was a breath of fresh air.”

And he expects Bonner and his charges to advance to the next round of Ulster, unless Fermanagh change their ways.

“Until they open up they won’t win games at the highest level. I think that tactic has kind of seen its day and I know I’m not being a hypocrite, Donegal did it. When we were doing it ,we caught a lot of teams that weren’t ready for it. It has to be about an attack first philosophy.

“I think that is where modern football is and that’s where Fermanagh have to get to, to take the next step. Who’s to say Rory Gallagher won’t change it up and come all guns blazing at Donegal.

“Fermanagh have Quigley, they have power and a bit of ability inside. If they can change it up and have a bit of direct game as well who is to say.

“It would scare Donegal if Fermanagh changed it up and went long.”

Whatever tactics are seen in Brewster Park on May 26, Devenney believes Donegal will come out on top, but the one thing the full forward wants to see is an entertaining game of football.

“I think with Rory if they just come out and set up defensively I think Donegal will edge out a drab affair but if the onus is on Fermanagh to attack Donegal, I think Fermanagh fans would respect that.

“If both teams went at it, for me that’s how football should be played and plus you are entertaining, not boring the fans and on top of that as well there is going to be some excitement,” he concluded.