Whatever happens on Sunday, this first year for Jonny Garrity, his management team and the squad is the just the beginning.

The Fintona man knows that All-Ireland glory will be the icing on a very successful season, but also knows that what his side have achieved in 2019 will stand them in good stead over the coming years and inspire the younger footballers to strive to reach those high levels.

“When we looked at it at the start of the year we had earmarked three competitions to get to three finals and we have done that,” explained Jonny.

“The main one we wanted to win was the National League for promotion and it’s the same with the All-Ireland to gain promotion.

The Ulster Championship was probably least important of the three. We are sitting here now with the opportunity to gain our second promotion. I think it’ll go down as a highly successful year regardless of how the game goes but if we go out and win the match as we intend to and think we will it is going to be an amazing achievement.”

Standing in the way of a second All-Ireland Junior Championship in three years are Louth.

When the teams met in the League earlier in the year, the ‘Wee County’ came out on top but Jonny is not holding much stock with that game as both sides did not show their full hand.

And he is expecting a completely different affair this time round, and a different result.

“We know the last time we played them they held plenty back themselves, we know that in terms of the team they fielded.

“This one is going to be very interesting, two similar styles going toe to toe it’ll be down to who implements their performance best on the day.”

Louth captain Kate Flood poses a huge threat for the Erne Ladies but Jonny says the Louth side have quality all over the pitch.

“Kate Flood will be one of the big players. They will want to get the ball into her as often as they can. They are a good team when she is on the ball a lot so from our perspective it’s a matter of isolating her but we know there is plenty to worry about other than her at the same time.

“They have two very good corner forwards, a centre forward, two strong midfielders and a lot of runners from the back.

“There is plenty to worry about but at the same time we are concentrating mainly on ourselves and trying to ensure that we milk the potential out of our group rather than worrying too much about Louth.”

Jonny has seen his side develop massively over the course of the season and he is expecting them to step up one final time to stop this dangerous Louth side. And he knows there will be leaders all over the team that can drive his side on.

“Over the course of this year we have seen leaders emerge out of the squad. Girls who have maybe started off quite reserved have been huge communicators and leaders for us on and off the field and those qualities are emerging literally every day.

“We would expect when it comes to the game girls are going to show what leadership qualities they have. We have leaders all over the field and hopefully will show that on Sunday.”

And with the chance to play in Croke Park, he hopes it adds another level to their performance on the day and in the future.

“There’s a fine line between letting it control you and on the flip side using it as an experience to make you a better footballer.

“We want to ensure that the focus is there on the day and we are treating it as another game and implementing a performance on the day.

“The experience gained from that is going to bring on the younger girls so much and we will be a better team for it regardless of what way the games goes, we are going to be a stronger team for it next year.”

With training winding down and last small details being fine tuned, Jonny knows his side are in a good place, and come what may on Sunday, Fermanagh Ladies are going to be in an even better place.

“The girls are extremely focussed and they are working really, really hard. From this point on we are tapering it right down and making sure we are going to peaking energy wise for the game.

“We are perfectly placed to do that and we are really happy with the build-up.

“This year is year one. There are a lot of things we have introduced and next year and the year after we are going to get better and better as a squad.

“This is the beginning.

“Whatever way this goes at the weekend this team is going to go from strength to strength,” commented Garrity.