Fermanagh manager Ryan McMenamin has described the introduction of the new Tier Two format for the All Ireland championship as a ‘vanity project’.

The Motion to bring in a two tier structure to the championship after the provincial championships have finished was passed at Saturday’s Special Congress sitting in Cork with over 75 per cent support, easily surpassing the 60 per cent required, and will come into play next summer.

It was also decided on the day that Tier Two would be determined by the outcome of the current league. This means that counties relegated from Division Two would compete in Tier Two while the two promoted from Division Three would play in Tier One. However, should either of the relegated sides, or any other county in Division Three or Division Four make their provincial final they will be included in the top tier and compete for Sam Maguire.

McMenamin though is not a fan of the format, which has been driven by GAA President John Horan, and feels that it has been rushed through.

“To me, if there was a need for a Tier Two it needed to be better thought out than this, it just all seems very rushed to get it through. It is vague and it may be going to be like the Super 8s in that they change it as they go along.

“It just seems like a vanity project. I think that every President feels the need to leave a legacy now during their term and maybe this is his, that he can say that he brought in the two tier system.

“I also don’t think there was much thought for fixtures or for club fixtures coming down the line,” said McMenamin.

The GAA will have to work hard to promote the competition and many would hold concerns that there may be little interest in covering it.

Horan had told delegates on Saturday that he had received a text message from RTE Head of Sport Declan McBennett that said he was confident that games would be covered but McMenamin was not so sure.

“They say they are going to promote it but a text message is not a contract and you just wonder.

“If you look at hurling, I can’t tell you who won the Joe McDonagh Cup and that’s nothing to do with the effort that the players are putting in, it is because it is not promoted properly. They need the media on board but are they going to be interested in Tier Two?

“Also, sponsors of teams are keen for a bit of publicity but will they get that in Tier Two?” he added.

The rule change also brings a sharp focus on the league campaign ahead for Fermanagh.

As a Division Two side they will currently play in Tier One as long as they can retain their Division Two status but a poor campaign could lead to not only relegation to Division Three but also to playing Tier Two in the championship next summer unless they can reach the Ulster final.

“Division Two and Division Three are probably going to be the most competitive and there will be more bite to them so it will make it interesting.

“Certainly, there is a lot more riding on it now and you want to get a settled team early doors,” said McMenamin.

However, relegation is not in the new Fermanagh manager’s thoughts at present and with four home games on the horizon for the campaign he is first and foremost targeting getting enough points on board to stay in the division.

“I think it is a funny division in any team could get promoted or any team could get relegated. Every team targets promotion at the start of the year but at the same time, even during my time playing with Tyrone, you target getting enough points to get safe first and then once that is achieved you can push on.

“We would like to think that we are hard to beat at Brewster Park and we would like to maintain that but for us to do it we have to get all the players buying in.”

Plans for the new season are well advanced at this stage and now Ricey is keen to get out on the pitch and begin working with the players as they prepare for a big year.

“At the minute we are setting a lot of things up and planning and there has been a lot of phone calls and emails and that type of thing so we are looking forward to getting out on the pitch and working with the boys.”