There will be two incentives for Kinawley captain Joanne Doonan to lead her side to victory on Saturday in the final of the Ulster Club Intermediate Championship.

Having lost out narrowly last year, the Borus are determined to not it let it happen a second time. And for Joanne, it will likely be her last game in a Kinawley jersey as she flies out to Australia on Tuesday to begin a new chapter in her sporting life as a rookie in the AFLW with Carlton FC.

It will be an emotional day for Kinawley’s inspirational leader but she knows the squad are ready to make up for last year’s heartache.

“It’s all an extra incentive,” explained Joanne. “We don’t want to be leaving Emyvale after a loss, especially after what happened last year.

“I think there are only two girls on the team that weren’t there last year. I think that hurt is still kind of with us and obviously every team that wins their county wants to go on and push for Ulster but definitely after last year we really want this and to push on and do one better than last year.”

Although there is a new management in place, the aim has remained the same and for Joanne and the team that self-drive amongst the squad has been evident all year.

“This year we were saying at the start of the year regardless of what management we have, we have to do it for ourselves. We have to know we can go one step better than last year and we have been emphasising that.”

Saturday’s opponents St. Paul’s of Belfast will provide a difficult challenge.

Their road to the final has been somewhat more straightforward than Kinawley’s but Joanne feels the two tough games will have helped the Borus get ready for another tough encounter.

“Compared to St. Paul’s, they have won their county easily, they’ve came through to the Ulster final very easily and they are a very strong side and that shows.

“But having those two really tough challenges, even the last one going to extra time just developed that resilience and character in the girls and it shows whenever it is in the melting pot you know how you are going to react and we have been tested.

“Even in extra time in the last game when they got a goal, many teams may have dropped the head but we stuck at it and ended up coming back to win it.”

With both teams fielding a host of county players it will be interesting to see how game plans and match ups pan out but for Joanne, Kinawley will focus on themselves in order to triumph.

“We would know a good few of them. Like ourselves they have a lot of girls on the county team so it will be interesting to see how they match up.

“Everybody knows they are a very strong team and we are not going to underestimate them in any way and I think they are going in as heavy favourites for it as well but I suppose you can only look at them so much.We have to look at our game and how we can punish them.”

Either way come Saturday evening, it will be a bittersweet occasion for Joanne but she is determined to go out on a positive, and she has full belief in the team.

“I’m really looking forward to it and we have so much belief. We know we can do it,” added Joanne.