Fermanagh Super Cup NI have appointed their management teams for the next two years with Chris McDowell taking charge of the Junior squad while Joe Corcoran will lead the Premier squad at the world renowned tournament at the North West.

New Fermanagh Super Cup NI Chairman Scott Robinson, who took over from Robbie Walker in the role, is delighted to have the two managers in place for the next two years.

“I felt it was important to get the right men in place and I went and headhunted Chris and Joe as the constitution allows me to do. I think we have two good men in Chris and Joe” said Robinson. “Chris had a lot of experience both as a player and as a coach, he was part of my backroom team with the Premier squad last year and also with Tyrone a few years ago.” McDowell’s backroom team will include Rodney Topping, Steven Erskine and Craig Warrington.

Corcoran comes into the post having spent over a decade coaching with Ballinamallard youth and is now coaching Enniskillen Tow,

“Joe was at Ballinamallard for a long time and would know the players that are coming through at this age group. He is an excellent coach,” added Robinson. Corcoran will be joined by William Simpson, Brendan Lilley, Cathal Beacom and Gary Stewart in his management team.

On the appointments being for a two year period, Robinson added: “I was keen to make it a two year term as it brings continuity to the thing where you are not starting from scratch all over again after one year,” he explained.

Robinson is also determined to build a much closer bond between the two squads than there has been in recent years.

“I was manager of the senior squad for two years and the two squads had no connection at all, it was like two separate counties. I want to bring the squads together and there to be a greater bond between them. Derek Sharpe has been appointed as vice chairman and he is also going to work alongside both management teams and will be able to step in and help out if needed,” said Scott.

Robinson is not the only new member of the Fermanagh Super Cup NI committee with Sharpe, Barry Anderson-Coulter and Ernie Irvine also coming on board while Bernie Darcy remains as Treasurer and the experienced Ernie Conlon, who was appointed as Honorary President, will stay on board to help out.