Richard O’Callaghan feels Fermanagh have to stick to what they are doing but he acknowledges that they have to learn from their mistakes, and learn quickly.

Defeat last Saturday night to Cavan means that Fermanagh are in a battle at the bottom end of Division Two and another tough test lies ahead this Sunday when Kieran McGeeney’s Armagh visit Brewster Park.

Armagh have been racking up some big scores to date and O’Callaghan says that is something that they will have to be wary of.

“They have put up big scores and even last week in Westmeath they put up a big score, they were eight points up at one stage and will be disappointed to only come away with the draw in the end.

“We will of course have to try and curtail them because they have some quality forwards so we will have to be at our best to stop them but mostly we will just worry about ourselves.

“We’ve three games left, there is six points up for offer and you can finish on eight points. On Sunday we will be looking for a big performance and two points, especially as it’s at home,” said the Enniskillen Gaels man.

At the other end of the pitch Fermanagh will have to be much more economical with their chances than they have to date.

Against Cavan, missed chances again proved costly and O’Callaghan stressed that it is something that they will continue to try and iron out on the training pitch.

“There has been a couple of times that we have been on top in games and haven’t capitalised the way we wanted to. We’ll get back to training this week and work hard and try to rectify that.

“We are coming with a newer way of playing and we are getting to grips with that and I think we are learning pretty quickly but we have to learn even quicker and rectify our inefficiencies. The only way to do that is to keep working at it in training and put trust in one another.You have to try and give it to the right man in the right position and trust that they will put it over the bar.

“There is no magic formula though, it is just hard work and getting to know one another,” he stated.

He does though have belief in the system that McMenamin is trying to instil in his squad.

“We are trying to create as many chances as we can because that’s the way you win games. Going forward from now on we have to stick to it and work at it to make it pay off. You don’t perfect it overnight , there are teams like Dublin who are still perfecting what they are doing, and you always have to be looking to improve and learn from your mistakes.

“We are two or three passes or two or three moments off being a good team,” he added.

This is a relatively new side that McMenamin is building and with a number of young players coming in it requires a degree of patience but O’Callaghan reiterates that they key is to not continue making the same mistakes.

“You do need patience but also there is no point having patience but then making the same mistakes over and over again. You have to constantly learn from what you are doing. Knowing that we have made mistakes we have got to learn from them quickly and put them right,” he said.

Last Saturday’s loss at Brewster Park was Fermanagh first in the league since the last game of the 2017 campaign and O’Callaghan is keen to get back to winning ways on their home patch.

“It has always been a tough place to come to and I’m sure that Cavan will say the same, it wasn’t easy for them on Saturday by any stretch of the imagination. We want to get straight back to winning ways at Brewster and have it a place where teams fear coming to,” he commented.

In terms of the squad, the Enniskillen man believes that there is a strong competition for places which is driving things on.

“There is a good squad there, you have two people for every position and you couldn’t say that too often. The competition is really high in training and there is people breathing down your neck. There would be very few in the team who would feel that there position is safe and it keep you on your toes. It is all very positive as well with everybody driving each other on for the betterment of the team.”

McMenamin has deployed O’Callaghan in a new defensive role during the league and it is one that he is working hard on.

“You take it as it comes, I don’t know but I think I’m doing alright. I’m just trying to get used to it and trying to help the team.

“As I say, there is a lot of competition and you have to try and take your chance as much as you can, I’m working hard at it but I know there are plenty of others waiting for their chance,” he stated.