The Fermanagh and Western Football League Management Committee will will hold an online video conference early next week to discuss plans for the remainder of the season.

The league must inform the Irish FA of what their intentions are by May 16 so they will look to put together a number of options of possible outcomes for the campaign.

“Our Match Secretary, Malcolm McVitty, is currently drawing up a fixture schedule as to what it would take to finish the season if we can get going again so we want to get that out, along with any other options, to the Management Committee and then we’ll meet at the start of next week and discuss those. We have a date of May 16 that we have to have an answer back to the IFA with what are plans are,” said Fermanagh and Western Football League Chairman, Neil Jardine.

“The management committee will discuss the options with the view then to having a consultation with the clubs. You want to be able to give the clubs the options such as play as long as you can to complete the season and see how that impacts on next season or decide to put everything into making next season happen,” added Jardine.

Football is currently suspended until May 31 and will only be able to restart if government restrictions are lifted and Jardine says there are a number of things to take into consideration if they do decide to try and finish the season.

“If we do decide to finish the season we have to apply for an extension from the IFA as the season finish is May 31 and while given the circumstances the IFA will likely grant one, they do say that season extensions are normally unlikely to be granted beyond July 31. There are a number of things like player registrations that would need to be taken into consideration if you go beyond that date,” he explained.

If finishing the season on the pitch is not possible then the decision will have to be made on how the league will be concluded and this would require the majority support of the clubs.

“If you decide not to finish the league then you have to decide what to do. Is it null and void which in essence is the simplest option but then you are back to sporting integrity and in particular the three clubs who have already achieved promotion. Do you promote those teams and have, say, 14 teams in Division One next year and put four down at the end of the season? Do you look at an average points basis? These are all things that would have to be discussed and because they are not in our regulations it would need the support of the majority of the clubs,” said Jardine.