Fermanagh Ladies manager Jonny Garrity acknowledges that not having any clarity on a date to return to action is one of the most difficult things to deal with during the current lockdown.

The squad are working on their own programmes at present as they aim to be ready for if or when the season restarts but it is not easy when it is not known when that will be.

“When you are trying to ensure that you are doing the right thing at training, you need to know what date you are working towards, from that point of view it is definitely difficult. Also, from a motivation point of view it would be really desirable to know a date that we are working towards. That is certainly one of the most difficult aspects of it and one of the most challenging things.

“In saying that, we know it is a unique situation and the health of the players, their families and public health in general is way more important than anything else. Football is down the list of priorities at this minute,” said Garrity.

The manager stresses though that morale is good in the squad.

“We’ve had to change how we do things and I think this period would test any squad in any team sport but you have to be adaptable and we have tried to do that as best we can.

“Each girls has their own programmes to be getting on with and they are checking in with management. There is plenty of communication going on and the morale is good so that is what we are concentrating on at the moment,” he added.

The squad have been doing there own bit to help this week by carrying out a fundraiser. The Ladies squad have committed to running A Marathon A Day for Seven Days in relays each day between Monday April 27 and Sunday May 3.

This is in aid of Fermanagh Women’s Aid, Enniskillen Foodbank and the Aisling Centre.

“This has been very much player led,” explained Garrity.

“The girls have been absolutely fantastic since lockdown because they’re self motivating and they tend to help each other out and make sure that they are pushing each other on. This is another sign of that.

“They have looked at some of the worthy charities in the local community and have decided to tie in doing a bit of exercise and raising money and awareness for these great causes. I think it is brilliant.”

The Ladies Gaelic Football Association have yet to set any deadlines and Garrity is confident that they will come to the right decision when the time comes.

“I know some people are calling for that clarity but I’m quite relaxed by the LGFA taking their time to come to the right decision when the situation becomes clearer.

“From our point of view, we would be absolutely delighted if there was football this year to look forward to and we keep our hopes up that this will be the case but at the same time if it is not then it is the right thing to do and we are happy with any eventuality.

“Whether it gets finished this year is beyond our control but whenever the time comes we will be delighted and we won’t take for granted the hard training that is in front of us. It will be a case of enjoying every moment that comes our way. “ he stated.