The Fermanagh and Western have decided to end the current season with final league standings to be decided by average points per game subject to ratification by the IFA. Trophies will be awarded to the teams in first place in the table and promotion will also take place but clubs have voted for no relegation.

This means that, if ratified, Tummery Athletic will be named Mercer League champions for the first time in their history while Mountfield and Enniskillen Galaxy will lift the titles in Division Two and Division Three respectively.

A Fermanagh and Western Management Committee meeting last Thursday night came up with proposals for the clubs to consider.

Ther clubs were asked to vote first on whether they wanted to resume the season and they voted 24-16 against this, instead opting to schedule no further games and end the season now.

Three options for this scenario were put forward and in a close vote they decided to conclude the season on average points with promotion but no relegation. This option had 15 votes, null and void the season had 13 votes while finishing the season with average points and both promotion and relegation issues addressed drew 12 votes from the clubs.

Fermanagh and Western Secretary, Ciara Crawford explained that she would inform the IFA of their decision for ratificiation.

"Please note however, this decision must be ratified by the Irish Football Association – I shall be informing them of our proposal as to how the Fermanagh & Western Football League have voted to conclude our season and if/when they accept our decision, I shall contact the relevant clubs regarding the presentation of trophies. 

"Stay safe during these very strange and stressful times, let's all remain positive that there are better days to come. 

"I shall be in touch in due course regarding the AGM and all related matters."