Fermanagh’s Aidan Breen feels that the inter-county season may have to be put on the backburner for the year due to the on-going Covid-19 crisis.

The GAA last week stated that they are not expecting any inter-county games before October at the earliest and Breen believes that it may be a case of having to forget about playing a championship in 2020 and instead priority needs to be given to club football.

“When you hear October, and that’s at the earliest, then it is going to be difficult, you are running into problems with getting pitches and facilities and maybe there is a case for just forgetting about it this year and not having two seasons affected by it.

“Club football has to be the priority, it has to be the one that comes back first,” said the Tempo clubman.

The GAA have also asked all counties to suspend all inter-county training until further notice.

“It is a good enough idea I suppose in that it gives you a bit of a break.

“ I think you would still work away though as you just want to keep yourself right so that if it does start at some stage that you are ready to go,” he explained.

He does feel though that in recent weeks it has been difficult to get the motivation to maintain a training regime with no end date in sight.

“The motivation wasn’t too bad over the first few weeks but the longer it has gone on the harder it has been to motivate yourself because you just don’t know if there is going to be any football at all this year and at this stage it doesn’t look that good.

“I suppose the only saving grace is that the weather has been good so it makes it that bit easier to get up and go for a run and it helps to clear the mind a bit.”

An electrician, Breen returned to work last week and admits it was good to get that degree of routine back into his life although with a farm at home he had plenty to keep him occupied when he was off.

“It is nice to get back into a bit of routine although I wasn’t too bad as I live in a rural area and on a farm so there is plenty of stuff to keep me active. At the same time it is nice to see a change of scenery,” he added.

He does though miss the banter and craic that comes with training together as a squad.

“That was a massive change, when you are used to being out meeting ones and training four or five times a week, to then be housebound for four or five weeks was a shock to the system.

“You probably take it for granted, the whole craic and camaraderie within the squad, then you go training on your own and it is just not the same,” he stated.

There has been talk of games being played behind closed doors although the GAA have said that there is a lack of appetite for this and Breen would not be keen on playing without the supporters being in the ground.

“It would not be the same. There is always a great buzz around championship day, the towns are full of people and there is always a great atmosphere but playing behind closed doors would be just like a training match. I wouldn’t be in favour for it myself.”

He is though looking forward to the day that football does return and he can get back out on the pitch with the squad.

“That’s what you are really looking forward to. You can’t wait, you take it for granted and now when it is taken away you are chomping at the bit to get back at it. Any sort of football at all, you just want to be out playing,” he concluded.