Fermanagh and Western Football League Chairman Neil Jardine has confirmed that Enniskillen Town United have lodged an appeal with the IFA regarding the way the league has decided to conclude the season.
Clubs made a decision to end the season on an average points per game basis with promotion and titles being awarded but with no relegation however Town have appealed on the grounds that the league have contravened their own rules and regulations in coming to this outcome.
“Enniskillen Town have submitted an appeal of our decision to the IFA in accordance of article 14. The appeal is on the grounds that the decision taken by the league is contrary to it’s rules,” said Jardine.
The appeal will be heard within 14 days of the receipt of the challenge.
The IFA had written to affiliated leagues asking them to reply with their plans for the completion of the season by May 16 and where these plans fell outside existing rules, these must be approved by the majority of clubs.
Jardine is satisfied that the Fermanagh and Western have followed those guidelines although he says that they will abide by whatever ruling the Appeals’ Board make. 
“I’m confident that we went through as good a process as could be done under the situation and it was the clubs who came up with this outcome which was what the IFA required if it was not within the rules, but obviously the decision of the Appeals’ Board will be binding and whatever it is we will abide by,” added Jardine.
Town will argue that the league have gone against their own rules in arriving at this way of concluding the season and that the outcome of the season should be null and void.
This means that all title and promotion outcomes are now up in the air pending the outcome of the appeal.
Tummery Athletic were due to be named Mercer League champions for the first time ever if average points per game was ratified while Mountfield would be Division Two champions with Enniskillen Athletic also promoted to Division One. In Division Three, Enniskillen Galaxy were set to be named champions while Orchard Farm and Derrychara United would be promoted.
In the reserve divisions, Enniskillen Rangers would be  Reserve Division One champions while Lisbellaw United Reserves would claim the Reserve Division Two title with Enniskillen Town Reserves, Omagh Hospitals Reserves and Lisnarick Reserves gaining promotion. And in Reserve Division Three Irvinestown Wanderers Reserves would be champions and would be joined in promotion by Lisbellaw United III and Drumquin United Reserves. 
It is understood that a number of other affiliated leagues are also facing appeals for the way that they concluded their seasons with leagues having decided on differing ways to bring their season to a conclusion.