Tummery Athletic player manager Ryan Hanna picks the best Fermanagh and Western XI he has played against

By no means a simple task, having played in the Fermanagh and Western all my adult career. Over the years, there have been so many top players across a number of very successful teams. I believe it is one of the strongest amateur leagues in the country and this is highlighted by the quality pool of individuals below.

I have selected a side that involves players that I have played against and never played with, bar one, therefore a lot of Enniskillen Town and Tummery Athletic players miss out. I’d like to mention; Pat Cadden, Conor Tummon, Cathal Beacom, Frank Wallace. Gary Beckett, Ciaran Beacom, Emmett McNabb, Gerry McCullagh, Aidy McCaffrey, Ruairi Sludden. Personally, I am lucky to have played with so many good players and arguments could be made for all those lads on any Fermanagh and Western XI.

I have went with a 433 formation.


William McFredrick - Lisbellaw United

To be honest, Pat Cadden would be my choice in this spot hands down. I went for Willie as he won so many big games for Lisbellaw with his performances when Town were challenging them for titles. Big physical presence, great shot stopper and excellent on 1 v 1 situations. Very vocal and comfortable coming for high ball. Trevor Morrison and Jerome Carleton deserve a mention.

Right Back

Marty Flanagan - Strathroy Harps

Marty has been the first choice for many in this position. Calmness personified on the ball. What he lacked in physical attributes he made up for with excellent positioning and great reading of the game. Could control a game from right back with his touch and intelligent passing. Always seemed to have time on the ball.

Centre Back

Richard Johnston - Enniskillen Santos / Enniskillen Rangers

Richy has always been a big talent locally which he showed in an emerging Santos team. He really came in to his own since signing for Enniskillen Rangers. Quick, strong and a great range of passing. Rarely out of position. Getting better each year. Strong partnership with Neil Coulter. Foundation of Rangers recent success. Nicky Dunbar a class act too.

Centre Back

Benny McElholm - Strathroy Harps / Tummery Athletic

Benny was the driving force behind the Harps golden era. Man mountain at the back. Again, another great reader of the game. Used his physicality and played on the edge. Rarely beaten aerially and led by example. Having played under him at Tummery Athletic, he doesn’t except mediocrity. Raymond Carroll unlucky to miss out here.

Left Back

Michael Kerr - Enniskillen Rangers

What a player. I only played with Micky a handful of times during my early Town days. Has all the attributes. Thunderbolt of a left foot with power and accuracy. Deceptively good in the air, quick and aggressive. Very few weakness. Arguably a better player in midfield. Scored some worldies in his time. Quarter back from left back.

Centre Midfield

William Burleigh - Enniskillen Rangers

One of the most underrated players in the league. Had some great battles in the engine room over the years. He never stopped. Strong, direct and great in air. One of the best I’ve seen making late runs in the box, the reason he scored so many important goals for Rangers. Gave his all every game and left everything out on the pitch. Ronan Ormsby another quality player in this position.

Centre Midfield

Kyle McCleery - Lisbellaw United

Toughest opponent I’ve faced over the years. Kyle was the complete midfielder, box to box. Fit, aggressive and a super tackler. Always seemed to be everywhere the ball was, preventing goals one end and assisting at the other. A real leader on and off the pitch and no surprise he’s now managing the Law.’ Unfortunately, a horrific injury cut his playing days short. Pogey Nugent a very tough opponent also.

Attacking Midfield

Gary ‘Mason’ Maguire - Irvinestown Wanderers

Mason is a Rolls Royce player and makes everything look so easy. Could have played at a higher level for longer if he put his mind to it. Lazy playing style but superb on the ball. Great range of passing and very creative. Scorer of special goals and a dead ball specialist.

Right Attacking Midfield

Paul McGrath - Lisbellaw United

Another very underrated player. He was a key cog in many of Lisbellaw’s Mercer League triumphs. Selfless, super fit and great technical ability. Rarely lost the ball and made very intelligent runs. Could come short and link up or go in behind. Absolute gent as well. Mark Cutler has also been a stand out performer in recent years.


Ryan Mayse - Strathroy Harps

Maysey was a thorn in the side of every centre half he ever faced. Scored for fun and had a full repertoire of finishes in his locker. Quick, super movement and full of energy. Played on the edge which I love to see, especially in a striker. No surprise that he moved to a higher level. Only one spot in this formation but others of note include: Stephen Sheridan, Jason Keenan, Ryan Cunningham to name a few.

Left Attacking Midfield

Darren Teague - Strathroy Harps

Teaguey epitomises athleticism and has tonnes of ability. I was always sent to try and ‘do a job’ on him many times over the years, to little avail. Strong, direct player with serious pace. Can take players on 1v1 or play from deep. Super range of passing and a player who can score from nothing. Seen the red mist once or twice but a top player. Christopher “Cripper” Currie deserves a mention too.