Kesh manager, Scott Robinson, is happy his side have the chance to compete in the semi-final of this year's Junior Cup following the announcement on Tuesday of the last four fixtures.

It seemed at one stage the competition would not be finished due to the coronavirus pandemic but for Robinson and his players the game against Belfast side, Willowbank, is like "Christmas come early" after a long wait.

"I'm just glad the boys are getting their opportunity and that is what it was all about.

"With the season finished we are just glad they have their chance. They earned the right to be their and now they have their chance to play in the semi-final."

It was 2002 when Kesh last got this far in the Junior Cup so Robinson knows what it means to the club and he also knows the challenge Willowbank will bring to Holm Park in Armagh on Monday, July 20.

"They are a good side. They are very slick. They were to move up this year into Intermediate. I'd say they are probably the best of the four that are left.

"But they can only bring 11 players on to the field and I fully trust and believe in our squad."

It has been a positive first season in charge for Robinson, which is seen in this cup run.

It has been a tough cup run for Kesh in which they have played teams in the same league as their upcoming opponents and Robinson knows that if his side are not tuned in from the start they will be punished.

"We have played five Belfast teams out of the six rounds and to get that kind of draw is quite unheard of.

"We have done it the hard way. We have played a couple of teams in Willowbank's league so going by the temas we played they don’t give up and if you are not switched on you get turned over."

Kesh have been back out training a couple of weeks now and while Robinson admits his players had kept themselves ticking over during lockdown it is not the same as playing games his side will be as ready for the game as they can be in such circumstances.

"Everybody is going to be at a weakness because of not training and not playing matches.

"The boys have been working hard but they hadn’t done anything in 13 or 14 weeks. Yes they did their own wee bits but it's not the same.

"We will have them prepared to the best of our ability and they will know their jobs and what they have to do individually and together and just take it from there.

"To be honest they are very hungry. They have been waiting and waiting.

"We have the ability to beat anyone on the day. We are more than good enough. We have plenty of good footballers who are chomping at the bit."