New Enniskillen Skins captain, Gavin Warrington, wants to build on the success of recent seasons as the club continues to grow from strength to strength.

The loosehead prop, who has been one of the team's standout performers, with an eye for the tryline, takes over from fellow prop, Gareth Beatty and he is determined to try and keep things moving in the right direction.

The 36 year old admits it is has been a while coming but he is determined to be as successful as possible in the upcoming season, whatever that season may look like.

"Unfortunately nobody knows what's going to happen or when we are going to play," said Warrington.

"But it's brilliant. I have waited a few years for it but I've finally got round to get my chance."

And the prop says his aim is to continue on the success the team has enjoyed over the last few years as well as improving the league form of the side.

"I just want to lead on from what has happened over the previous two seasons.

"I hope that we can go a step further and put a push on for the title race in the league this year, albeit it mightn’t make any difference in league standings with the current situation, but I'd like to see us push for at least a top four finish if not top spot in the league and take a cup home again to try and keep that tradition going in the club."

With the current coronavirus pandemic putting an end to the rugby season and the ongoing restrictions stopping any collective training, Warrington believes the players will be chomping at the bit to get back out on the field together.

The last game for the Skins was a defeat in the Towns Cup to Ballyclare, who they beat in the final of that competition in 2019.

With a number of new signings made, their is good strength in depth in the squad and Warrington knows that competition for places is vital for the team to continue improving.

Kaine Holden returns to Mullaghmeen from Omagh while Michael Shields makes the move from Belfast outfit, Malone. And the new skipper knows that both men will bring add to the Skins squad.

"I played with Kaine before he went to Omagh. He's good and solid and will bring plenty of aggression in the front five or back row where he sometimes play.

"Michael who we have signed from Malone has played 10 years of All Ireland rugby and is still below the age of 30 so he has plenty of experience so he'll be a good asset."

Warrington also mentions new prop John Clarke. It will bring new competition to the position for Warrington but it does not faze the captain.

"You need competition because if you don’t have competition everybody becomes complacent and then it just becomes mundane and numbers start to drop at training and people turn up and think it's just going to happen.

"If you have the competition for places then it keeps everybody on their toes and keeps everybody pushing so it will help in that respect.

"I relish the competition. I have been trying to get a few younger boys up to keep me pushed on because there's no point me going through the motions either.

"I want to have to fight for my place captain or not. The way I see it if he is going to outplay me on a Saturday then he can have my shirt but until he can do that he can't have it."

With the training restricted to individual sessions or small groups, Warrington feels the boys will be keen to get back together.

"We'll be fairly keen to get back. You know when it comes to the end of the season you want a break but you be eager to get back at it again and get the whole thing going again."

Warrington's coach, Stevie Welsh said in a recent interview that their was ambition in the club to play at All Ireland level, and the 36 year old agrees with that.

"I could certainly see the club doing it. In the past they weren’t too keen on it but definitely I think the way the club is starting to grow over the last few seasons and as long as you can keep the achievements coming in then you'll get the support to make it happen. Up until now maybe there wasn’t the support.

"I believe the club can certainly do it and when you have seen Omagh who are our neighbours do it and sustain it for two or three seasons, I don’t see why Enniskillen can't."

And the prop looks back over the last two seasons as another good indicator of the progress the club is making.

"The last two seasons it's down to a great mixture of lads.

"You’ve plenty of youngsters, fairly new to game, and a few older boys like my self which seems to be a good blend in the team.

"I have enjoyed the last two seasons a lot more than I have in the past.

"Enniskillen used to be a real hard flog turning up to training on Tuesday and Thursday night with half a dozen guys and knowing you were going out on a Saturday to just get turned over and that’s changed.

"Nobody wants to play us, we are the team everybody is afraid of and I'm hoping that'll stay for a long time to come," he added.