Ederney manager Mickey Cassidy was pleased to see his side progress to the semi-final of the championship but he stresses that a similar level of performance will not be enough to take them past Teemore in the semi-final.
The St. Joseph’s men claimed a six point win over Belnaleck last Friday night having led throughout the game but it was only late in the game when Belnaleck had two men sent off that they were able to put the tie to bed.
“That performance will not be good enough to beat Teemore,” said Cassidy. “We might have defended okay, and to keep them to a couple of scores from play I suppose is not bad defensively, but we should have a lot more to offer going forward. There is more scores in us but you have to go and produce it or we will find ourselves out of the championship.”
Ederney had got off to a flying start but they never fully put Belnaleck to bed which was a concern for Cassidy.
“We knew it was going to be a tough test and after last year we didn’t expect anything else from the game. Look, we could have put the game away earlier but we weren’t helped by missing a number of chances and we lost men early on and that sort of upset the plan of when we wanted to use men but the boys who came in did really well and played their part.
“I suppose in the end it is about winning the game and we did that but as I say we need to improve,” he added.
Belnaleck manager Colm Bradley was disappointed that his side failed to match the intensity shown by Ederney on the night and had no complaints about the outcome.
“I would be really disappointed with the lack of intensity we showed in the first 20 minutes. 
“Ederney were much more aggressive in the tackle than we were. We picked it up a bit and got back to two points at one stage despite not playing well with the ball. But we can have no complaints. Ederney were the better team on the night and deserved to win. They played with a huge intensity that we only matched sporadically,” he said.
And he now has to lift his players for a crunch relegation play off game against Roslea next weekend and knows that they will have to be much better.
“Roslea will have been pleased with how they performed against Derrygonnelly. 
“With nine minutes left they were all square and played very well. It is a tough draw but for our team it is an opportunity to face a team with real championship pedigree. 
“All of us from management to players will need to be much better than we were against Ederney if we want to give ourselves a chance to win,” he added.