Fermanagh and Western Football League chairman, Neil Jardine, acknowledges that there are a number of different factors to this season but he says that teams are looking forward to getting back to competitive action.

“It is a different season in a number of ways,” said Jardine. “It is different because of the date we are starting and also because we are back to a 14 team Division One for the first time since 1999 and plus you have the ongoing Covid-19 situation. There are no changing facilities, no supporters and there is a lot of concerning things coming out regarding spikes and spreads and you are always in the back of your mind that while you get started but you might be stopped again.”

And he has asked people to be sensible and responsible in their actions.

“Everybody’s safety is the priority. If somebody is displaying symptoms or feel that they have symptoms they have to stay away because the knock on affect of one person, particularly in a club situation, is major. We are asking everybody to be sensible and responsible,”he added.

However, he says that there is excitement ahead of the season kick off on Saturday.

“It is great to be a back and I’m sure everybody involved at team level can’t wait to get going on Saturday again. Apart from Enniskillen Rangers and Kesh, nobody has played competitive matches since March 7, so there is bound to be an element of excitement. We just hope that we get going and keep going,” he said.