NFC Kesh manager Scott Robinson has confirmed that they intend to appeal the Fermanagh and Western’s decision to null and void the current season after only four games.

Robinson argues that there is plenty of time to fulfill the fixtures, even if the season was not restarted until February.

“We are going to appeal the decision.

“I don’t understand the decision taken and I don’t think any explanation will ever make me understand it,” said Robinson.

“There is talk of further restrictions in January but why not say we are going to start on the first Saturday in February. That would give you 20 weeks and you can then figure in midweek games,” he added.

And he feels making the decision this early has shown a lack of respect for players while he has also hit out at the clubs not being involved in the process.

“Players want to be playing, they want to have the chance of winning the league and I think to null and void the league in November is just a lack of respect for the players and to have made the decision without involving the clubs, I’m flabbergasted.”